Sarah Everard’s murder has left millions of women feeling weak and exhausted. Here’s a list of one woman’s experiences to shed light on the prevalence of violence against women.

Source: Lacie Slezak @nbb_photos via unsplash.

The news of Sarah Everard’s murder has left millions of women feeling weak and exhausted. That’s why I’m not going to write a thought piece about the dark cloud that has blanketed the past week. I’m too tired to write why I’m in pain. I’m too fragile to face the inevitable comments questioning my fear. I’m too broken to provide a constructive analysis of the hurricane inside of my stomach.

Instead, I’m going to write a list of some of the times that I have been harassed, assaulted, intimidated, and blamed. My hope is that by contributing fact–not emotion–I can…

If we consider our ‘luck’ in love to be based solely on whether or not we’re settled down, we’re missing the point.


Finding love often comes down to luck, and we all know that some are just luckier than most. You need to physically be in the right place at the right time, and that can seem hard enough. You also need to find both parties in the right emotional place. Your life stages and goals need to align. The stars, too. Yet luck in love isn’t exclusively defined by whether or not you’re in a relationship.

If we’re talking about ‘ideal scenarios’ and ‘perfect worlds’, the luckiest people would surely be those who’ve experienced at least a few years of solo…

If you seek intimacy and enjoy emotional support from a woman, it’s not ‘casual’, even if you don’t want a future with them.


No one seems to understand what ‘casual’ dating is anymore. Or rather, straight men have redefined what ‘casual’ means so that they can reap the emotional benefits of affection, sex, and intimacy without feeling obliged to reciprocate those things for another person.

A few years ago, casual dating used to just mean sex. You’d make a booty call, skip the small talk, and not discuss feelings. Everyone knew what was happening and craving anything deeper was elective…

Being single forces you to explore all other avenues of love in your life.


I’m one of the lucky ones. I found ‘forever love’ in high school and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s shaped me, taught me the true meaning of empathy and it’s given me a solid foundation to grow into the person I’ve become.

I found love a little younger than most; at the age of twelve to be precise. In fact, I fell in love with three women at the same time. It’s been sixteen years and my best friends are still the loves of my life. …

We cannot expect victims to come forward if reporting assault is as traumatising as the incident itself.


Trigger warning: sexual assault

Like most women, I’ve had several uncomfortable encounters with men at work. Until recently though, it’s been ‘grey area’ stuff. You know, a hand that stops just short of being definitively inappropriate, a joke that’s sexually implicit instead of explicit; or a comment that would be innocent if you weren’t alone in a room with someone who has the power to fire you.

Since the ‘Me Too’ movement, men have taken up the hobby of guffawing over whether they’re…

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